Friday, 22 October 2010

The moral imperative?

On the one hand...

A million carrot munching peaceniks march through London in protest at the UK government getting involved in Iraq - where millions of people face death by rape, starvation and gas due to a brutal regime.
There are no carrot munching peaceniks when we give away millions of pounds to the corrupt regimes of India, Pakistan and Africa, whose populations aren't particularly threatened by their governments.
Moral imperative

Dr David Kelly

Yes, the answer is he was murdered, he knew too much and the Socialist government we've just got rid of, gave the green light for his despatch !
How callow a country have we become?
Dr David Kelly was murdered on instruction!
Nuff said!

Friday, 7 May 2010

...and did those feet?

The cancer of Socialism is, after 13 years, being cut out of the lungs of Britain!
This utterly failed and embarassing thought process has proven to be an aberration!
No one mentions it anymore....least of all the New Labour Party....or the gay mafia at the BBC !
So where did socialism go?
Even the socialists are too embarassed to mention it...because the damage it has done to this small island is incomprehensible....rather like the 1960's !

Just look at the architecture... the ugliness...the dirt on the streets....the crime...the ignorance... the debauchery of our fine language and the complete and utter corruption of our children.
A government?
Or a slovenly excuse to pocket a decent pay packet and live in a parcel of England not, so far, infected by the odious smell of real life!
God dam them all!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Nasty little clip joints in the sky!

Once was when cheap, no-frills seemed quite an attractive option. Perhaps we could all live without the gratuity of an airline sandwich or an onboard meal and consequently benefit from lower prices.

Such was the hope, at least in the early days of Easy Jet and Ryanair and their ilk. But hope, as we know, is so often the Godfather of disappointment; perhaps we should have been been prepared for the reality of the deal once the burnish had been rubbed off its' fine words.

We had in our enthusiasm for the concept perhaps failed to ask ourselves what exactly frills were.. Ok, free food and drink we'd agreed we could travel without especially on short haul flights...but what about the streamlined checking in? Had we agreed to that? The endless shambolic queue, poorly resourced by some dubious bi-lingual with glasses and an awareness problem.

What about allocated seats, leg room and cabin crew who no longer seem to offer anymore service than your average counter hand in your average supermarket? Had we really thought these all frills? Now instead of you walking past their til with your goods, they walk past you with theirs all at prices astronomically higher than your average cumulus nimbus (£6 for 2 small beers!) What about the Captain? His message once de-rigeur now an option it would seem.

What about courtesy and comfort and real value for money?

What about........what about?......what about?

The fact is that flying these cheap, cheerless, frilless, little clip joints is almost akin to the experience of a battery hen.
You're just product, pushed, shuvved, squashed and fleeced at every opportunity until your seat rental expires and you're spat out at your destination without regard or regret.

Sad that 'no frills' has become no thrills and 'cheap' has just become cheap rip-off but not so surprising I suppose when you consider the viscious, venal, pinstriped greed-bags that inhabit the cockpit of corporate ideology today.

Friday, 29 January 2010


I've no time for socialism and it's cancerous appetite for appeasement and mediocrity. I've got no time for carrot munching, illiterate peaceniks either. However, Tony Blair at the Chilcott Enquiry rose above the net and smashed the ball back into the faces of all those bleating Chamberlains with their little bits of paper and proved himself and the invasion of Iraq to be right (not that we ever had any doubt).
Have we as a country and as a people become so venal, so selfish, so cowardly and so precious that to go to help our fellow man in distress is considered to be a crime? If so, then thank God we weren't yet born in 1939 or else our winnowing voices might well have ushered in threat far greater than Sadam Hussein and his murderous cohorts. The vulgar voice of protest, in this case, heaps shame upon us all.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Right, right and right again!

What the hell is wrong with being right ?
The cancer of socialism is out of our lungs!
Breathe easy again!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Britain's Got Bazz

Since the demise of THE BOOT on MSN ....Bazz Bazzley, the legendary editor-in-chief-of that legendary magazine, has been poached by The Chairman's Report, to whip us all into line....and we're duly proud!